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There can also be a 3rd party who is the individual or corporation that entered into the first contract Along with the assignor. 剛來英國, 不知道還有這麼專業的代寫啊, 知道的太晚了, 我之前自己寫的成績慘不忍睹…早知道有你們的存在, 我每篇作業都交給你們了, 這樣我也不用面對自己的不及格了… 害我現在只能選擇最高等級, 只想把自己之前的分數拉高, 不容易啊… No matter whether a ideal less than a dea... https://thesocialroi.com/story3614017/not-known-facts-about-%E4%BB%A3%E5%AF%ABassignment


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